RAINBOW TEN Model kits from Japan.

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Thak you, but Rainbow Ten International mail order has been closed.
**We are no longer taking orders.

From 1st February 2012, No English Speaker is available at RT.

*With regard to the customer private information we hold,

we will erase the whole data and relevant information from our system, then destroy the hardware by physical way as soon as we have settled the month of January 2012 accounting.
Some documentations will have to be kept at shelves for tax filing but these will be destroyed after designated storing time mandated by the law.

We thank very much to all the customers for supporting our business for more than a decade.
With some of them we feel very much like they are good old friends so it's very hard to say goodbye but we have to.
We will never forget about you all.

We hope to see you somewhere someday again!!


From Rainbow Ten Mail order Staff
Chief: Mr. Naoto Sakakibara(@Nao) and all the staffs

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